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 1.Parties and Subject of the Agreement

Hereby this agreement is prepared for ADAMO Deri San.Tic.AS.  Gokalp mah.73 Sokak no: 5 Zeytinburnu - Istanbul - Turkey, will be mentioned As (Adamo) ( to be mentioned as web address ) between the member user (Member ) for the usage rules and conditions of the website membership and members usage rights.

2.Rights of the Parties and Obligations

2.1 The Member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information he / she gives to is correct before the law and that Adamo will compensate for all damages that he or she will incur due to the fact that this information is unfair. The Member acknowledges that the Contract may be terminated unilaterally by Adamo without any notice and prejudice if he or she gives false information.

2.2 Member, the password given to him by Adamo, can not share or give to other people or organizations. The member has the right to use the password personally only. The e-mail address given during registration is unique to the member and has the possibility of creating a single membership. For this reason, Adamo reserves the right to claim any compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use against all claims and claims against Adamo by any third party or competent authority.

2.3 The Member agrees and undertakes to comply with the provisions of the legal legislation and not to infringe them while using the website. Otherwise, all legal and penal obligations will be completely and exclusively connected to the member.

2.4 Adamo reserves the right to change the contents of the site at any time, to modify or terminate any service provided to users, or to store or delete the user information and data stored on the Adamo website.

2.5 Adamo may change, update or cancel the terms of the membership agreement at any time and without prior notice and / or warning. Any amendment that has been changed, updated or abolished shall be effective in respect of all members at the time of publication.

2.6 The Member may not use the web site of in any way to disrupt the public order, violate the general morality, annoy and harass the others, for an unlawful purpose, to infringe upon the intellectual and copyright of others. In addition, the member may not engage in any activity (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) that may prevent or make others use the services.

2.7 The Member, can not copy, publish any information, documents, software, design, graphics, writing, visual, video, photo, etc. works and any content on the internet all rights belongs to ADAMO. They cannot be used and modified by the member without permission.

2.8 Adamo will not be held liable for any damage to the member’s software and data.The member agrees not to ask for compensation to Adamo in advance for any damages caused by the use of the site.

2.9 The member has agreed not to reach or use the software and other data of other internet users without permission.

Otherwise, the legal and criminal responsibilities arising therefrom are complied with.

2.10 In case of violation of one or more of the items listed in this contract, the offense shall be criminal and legally responsible for such violation and Adamo shall be kept separate from the legal and criminal penalties of these violations.

In the event that the incident is transferred to the courts due to violations, Adamo has the right to claim damages due to non-compliance with the injunction is against the member.

2.11 Whom has membersip  to comply with the present applications or future applications to be taken by all the companies in the Adamo partnership products, services, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys and permits to be presented declares. and / or to allow the collection of personal information and / or consumer behavior information for the purposes mentioned above, to use and archive by all partner firms of the company.

Unless it has declared otherwise at the end of the period of the Adamo partnersip  companies to communicate with him / her by sms, etc. accept communication with the communication channels and agrees. accepts and agrees that the above information will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the collection, sharing, using, archiving and access to it, and shall not hold the partner companies responsible. If the member wishes to change the data sharing preferences, it notifies by the customer to the customer service.

2.12 Adamo, in accordance with this agreement has right to send information e-mails , information SMS to the members mobiles. By signing the agreement member accepts and confirms receiving information by e-mails and SMS.   If the member wishes to give up mail and / or SMS, he / she will be able to cancel  mail and / or SMS sending process.

2.13 Adamo may use members personal information to provide better service to their users, improve their products and services, facilitate the use of the site, and use the personal information of the users in their work for their specific preferences and interests. Adamo reserves the right to register the movements of the member on the website

2.14 may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the system at any time. shall have no responsibility to its members or third parties for temporary suspension or complete suspension of the Adamo system.

2.15 Measures have been taken to ensure that the Adamo website is free of viruses and other similar software. Furthermore, in order to ensure the ultimate security, the user must supply his own virus protection system and ensure the necessary protection. In this context, the member shall be deemed to have accepted that he / she is responsible for all errors that may occur in his / her software and operating systems and for the direct or indirect consequences thereof.

 2.16 Adamo shall always have the right to unilaterally delete a member's membership, delete the files, documents and information of the customer. The Member accepts this saving in advance. In this case Adamo has no responsibility. 2.17 Sales of are limited to inventories. may not deliver products that are not stocked, and may cancel the order and return the order amount to the customer's account. The display of the products in the virtual store does not necessarily mean that the products in question are in the stocks of or Adamo. The authority to change the price and product specifications of the products available for sale on belongs exclusively to If there is an error in the price and product specification information, may deliver the product by correcting the error or cancel the order and return the order amount to the customer account. 2.18 Adamo may change the application of this agreement in order to comply with the technical requirements and the legislation to be created in the future, as well as to modify existing articles or add new substances. can convert services that do not require membership to a status requiring membership over time, open additional services, change some of their services partially or completely, or convert them into paid services.


3. Settlement of Disputes:


3.1 The Member hereby agrees and undertakes that Adamo's book records, microfilm, micro receipt and computer records shall constitute binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence in the sense of articles of HMK 193. . Adamo agrees, declares and undertakes that the waiver is waived in advance with all kinds of objections to the records and that the oath has been duly followed.

3.2 The applicable Turkish legislation shall apply to disputes which may arise in connection with this Agreement.

3.3 Any dispute that may arise from the implementation of this Convention shall be settled by T.C. Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Directorates will be authorized.

4. Termination and Termination of the Contract:

Member registration means that the member reads all the articles in the Agreement and accepts all the articles in the Convention. This Agreement was concluded at the moment of membership of the Member and entered into force mutually. This Agreement shall remain in force until the Member cancels his / her membership or cancels the membership by Adamo.


5. Privacy  Agreement

In order to better serve its customers, Adamo requests some personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail, etc.) from you.

This information, which is collected on Adamo servers, is used only in Adamo for customer classification studies for periodic campaign studies, special promotional activities for customer profiles and for not transmitting unsolicited e-mails.

Adamo does not share the information he / she collects from the membership forms with third parties without any prior notice or other instructions of the member, and does not use it for commercial purposes and does not sell them.

Adamo analyzes the visitor movements and preferences by interpreting the site information during e-mail addresses and membership forms. 

These statistical data, which do not contain any personal information, can be shared with Adamo partners to provide a more special and effective shopping experience for Adamo customers.

Customer information may only be disclosed to the public authorities when such information is requested by the official authorities and if it is obliged to make a statement to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force. Only the Customer can access all the information into the system and only the Customer can change this information. It is not possible for someone to reach this information and change them.

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Your credit card information requested on the payment page is not kept in the servers of Adamo or the partner companies that serve it in order to keep the security of our valuable customers from the site at the highest level. In this way, all transactions related to payment are made between the bank and your computer via the Adamo interface.

Also, uses 128-bit encryption with the Verisign SSL certificate, which provides high security for your personal information and account security all over the world. Your information has been encrypted and all third parties have been prevented from using it. Card information used in payment transactions is never recorded in our system.

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For any questions;

You can contact us at or +90 533 961 7060.


Adamo Deri San. Tic. Inc.

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6. Terms & Conditions

Website Terms of Use

6.1 General
Adamo, Adamo Leather Industry. Tic. is a registered trademark of the web site of is the online store of Adamo. Access to this web site (, the use of this Web Site and the products and services reached through this Web Site are subject to the following terms, conditions and announcements. By using the Services, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service that may be changed from time to time. We recommend that you check this page regularly to be aware of any changes that may have been made to the Terms of Service. Access to the website is provided temporarily and we reserve the right to withdraw and modify the services without prior notice. It is not our responsibility to access the website at any time and for any reason whatsoever. From time to time, we may restrict access to certain or all parts of the Website. Adamo shall have the right to correct, remove or modify the Services and / or any pages of this Web Site at any time and without prior notice, in its sole discretion.


6.2 Privacy Policy
You can find our privacy policy in our Privacy Policy, which explains how we will use information about you. By using this Web Site, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the information you have provided has been verified and that the information you provide is correct.


6.3 Website 
Any damage to your computer hardware, computer programs, data, or other materials that may infect your computer hardware, computer programs, data, or other materials that may infect your computer hardware, virus or other technologically harmful materials or we will not be responsible for the loss.


6.4 Intellectual Property, Software and Content 
Intellectual Property Rights of all software and content provided to you through the Website shall be the property of ADAMO and are protected by worldwide copyright laws and agreements. ADAMO reserves all such rights. You can only store, print, and view content provided for your personal use. You may not publish, process, distribute, reproduce, reproduce any content or copies of the content displayed on this web site, or use any content in connection with a business or commercial organization. 

6.5 Terms of Sale
By placing an order, you agree to purchase the product under the following terms and conditions. For all orders, the product must be available and the order price must be confirmed. Distribution times will vary depending on the product’s availability and given all kinds of guarantees or representations regarding the delivery time is limited in Turkey, such as postal delays or force majeure may be subject to delay due to reasons beyond our responsibility. Read the delivery policy announcement for details. To be able to contract with Adamo, you must be over 18 years old and have a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank that we accept. Adamo reserves the right to refuse any request made by you. If your order is accepted, you will be notified by email. You agree that all the information you provide to us when placing an order is accurate and complete, that you are the authorized user of the debit card you used to create the order and that you have enough funds to cover the cost of the goods. All prices advertised are subject to such changes. 

6.6 Our Contract 
When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that your order has been received. This email only confirms that your order has been received and does not mean that your order has been accepted. We will not create a contract with you until we send you an email confirming the delivery of the products you have ordered. Only products listed in the confirmation e-mail sent when the products are distributed will be included in the contract. 

6.7 Pricing and Availability 
All the information, descriptions and prices that appear on the Web Site are correct, and errors may occur if we assure you that. If we determine that there has been an error in the price of any product you have ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the option to re-confirm your order at the right price or cancel the order. If we cannot reach you, we will process the order with a cancellation. If you cancel the order and have paid for the products, the full amount you paid will be returned to you. Where applicable, VAT is included in the prices.  

6.8 Payment 
When we receive your credit card and Debit card order, we will check the card to make sure that you have sufficient funds to perform the transaction. Products are not distributed before the pre-authorization check is complete. The fee will be credited from your card after the order is accepted. Orders that are created with Cash Payment option at the door are approved by SMS. You must enter the password to be sent to your mobile phone number in the relevant field on our website. The SMS confirmation is received for the secure transmission of the order to the right person. Payment will be taken in cash by the cargo company at the customer's door. 

6.9 Gift Certificates 
A gift voucher can be defined for account holders. Gift vouchers are only valid for purchases made from defined accounts. Gift vouchers are only valid for purchases made on this Website, subject to the terms and conditions of use. Not available in Adamo stores. 

6.10 Discount / Promo Codes 
From time to time, we also offer promotional codes that apply to any particular purchase from this web site. Discount codes are only valid for purchases made on the web site, subject to the terms and conditions of use. Not available in Adamo stores. 

6.11 Responsibility 
Our responsibility to the products you buy through our site is subject to the Terms of Sale. All care was taken in preparing the content of our site. However, we will not be liable to you for errors or omissions, or for technical problems you may encounter on our site. We will try to correct this as soon as possible if we receive the news that there is an error in the content of our site. We accept no liability whatsoever to the extent permitted by law (either the contract, negligence, or any other cause) in connection with your site or any site that it constitutes a link to, or against, a third party. This does not affect our liability to the Products you purchase through our site. These Terms of Use do not affect your statutory rights.  

6.12 Invalidity 
If any part of the Terms of Service (including any provisions that we do not accept liability to) become unenforceable, any other part of the Terms of Service will not be affected and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. If it is possible to divide the remainder of any or all of the substance (s) to make the rest valid, then the substance shall be interpreted as such. Instead, you agree that the substance is corrected and interpreted in such a way that the original meaning of the substance / paragraph is permitted to the extent permitted by law. 

6.13 Renunciation 
If you violate these terms and we have not sued, we will still have the right to exercise our rights and legal remedies in any other case where you violate these terms. Governing Law and Jurisdiction with these terms and conditions, is to be interpreted in accordance with the Republic of Turkey laws if there is a dispute or claims associated with this condition, it said disputes or claims of Turkish Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to decide. 

6.14 Password and account security 
To access your saved data on our site, you must enter your account and password information (login details). It is your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your sign-in information and other transactions that occur under your account. If you are concerned about your login information or feel that they are being misused, you should contact Customer Service immediately to let us know. You can disable your account at any time. 

6.15 Viruses, hacking and other crimes 
You should not abuse our site by deliberately infecting viruses, Trojan horses, worms, software bombs, keystrokes, spyware, advertising software, or malicious or technologically harmful material. You should not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, the presentation where the site is stored, or any other server, computer, or database connected to the site. You should not attack the site through a service blocking attack or a distributed service blocking attack. In the event of a breach of this provision, you may have committed a criminal offense under the Computer Abuse Act of 1990. We will report such infringement to the applicable law enforcement authorities and cooperate with them by disclosing your identity. In the event of such a breach, your right to use the site will terminate immediately. 

6.16 Complaints 
As, we always aim to satisfy our customers. But if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our site or the service we offer, and you would like to make a complaint, you can contact us at our customer service number +90 533 961 7060.


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