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Adamo Deri San. Tic. Inc. (”ADAMO “) web site and / or mobile application ( Site and / or Mobile Application in ) member (”Member“), we accept the confidentiality of the information of our customers, visitors and employees. In the context of the protection of information security, we would like to inform you about the principles that we have made into the Data Privacy and Security Policy.


  1. Scope of the Policy and General Information

ADAMO attaches great importance to the privacy rights and protection of information of its customers, complies with all legal regulations and applies the principles explained below in our policy.


At our policy;

  • The customer information collected on our site and / or our Mobile Application,
  • The purpose for which this information is collected and used,
  • How the information can change,
  • Our customers' preferences on communication and how they can change, how they are secured,
  • The rights of our customers regarding the protection of their information and so on. topics are included.


1.1. Information Collected

In order to be able to serve you better, we will need your name, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, date of birth and we will also need some personal information such as interests, order details, visit details, invoices and delivery addresses. Except this information, the Site and / or Mobile App will include visitor statistics, such as frequency and time of visits, ordering times and internet protocol address at the time of order (IP) and the last logon IP address, statistics of the visited product pages and ordered products, It is collected and used in order to analyze and understand the movement and its preferences.


  • To create your personal account on the ADAMO website and / or mobile application (eg. your name, surname, e-mail address, telephone To process your orders through online services (eg. your name, address, date of birth)
  • To send e-mail and text message notifications to notify delivery status (eg. your e-mail address, telephone number)
  • To send marketing offers, such as newsletters, surveys, customer-specific content, and campaigns and catalogs (eg. e-mail address, phone number, name and postal address)
  • To forward potential problems in the delivery of the products you have purchased (eg. your phone number, e-mail address, address)
  • To answer your questions and to inform you about new or changed services (eg. e-mail address, phone number)
  • Trend analysis and statistical analysis, research and surveys to better understand our customers' shopping preferences and offer appropriate marketing offers and information, to identify appropriate discounts or campaigns to the customer (eg. E-mail address, shopping habits, site navigation) habits)
  • Online shopping and to verify that you are of legal age (eg. birth date)
  • In order to provide better service to our customers if they participate in the surveys, to get feedback from you about the collections, to measure your satisfaction with the shopping experience, to measure your satisfaction with the products you purchased (eg. Order steps satisfaction survey, product satisfaction survey, new season survey of the selection of products in women's collection)


In order to respond to the customer's requests and complaints when information is communicated to us via the contact form (eg. name, surname, e-mail address, phone number)

  • To be able to design personalized campaigns in the event of any activity, to provide content and communication in accordance with the preferences of the person, to inform the activities to be performed, to ensure that the correct message is delivered to the right customer (eg. age, date of birth, gender, frequency of use).
  • Log records for internet access are recorded in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by these publications and in accordance with the relevant legislation and are shared with the judicial and / or administrative authorities / institutions / organizations upon request, if necessary. In the audit processes, it is processed within the framework of legal obligations.
  • Strengthen the security of the site and / or mobile application (eg, use of multi-factor authentication methods in accessing systems, or access security measures such as firewall, internet gateway, network, and sub-network separation for corporate and network data security.
  • To fulfill our obligations under the international and local legal regulations governing electronic commerce terms and conditions.



We would like to remind you; Credit card information used during order creation is not stored in our company systems in any way. However, regardless of the systems of our company, your credit card information saved in Masterpass infrastructure, if any, can be stored in Masterpass infrastructure. If you have objections to spending, we recommend that you contact your bank without delay.


1.2. Use of Collected Information

The information collected on the Site and / or Mobile Application is used for the following purposes:

  • To execute and execute order processes and to communicate with our customers.
  • Provide information about products, services, events, campaigns and promotions
  • Understand our customers' shopping preferences
  • Trend analysis and statistical analysis
  • Strengthen the security of the Site and / or Mobile Application
  • To show the content related to the customer


1.3. Sharing of Collected Information

The information gathered on the site and / or the mobile application is to ensure that the service is performed in a correct, qualified and proper manner, the obligations under the legal regulations are fulfilled, the website and mobile application is easy to be applied, to ensure customer satisfaction, to fulfill the contract, to follow up the legal affairs, customers' taste, use habits and needs to be customized according to the needs. With the stated purpose, it can be shared with the companies we work with at home (Turkey) and abroad (with service companies such as cargo, call center, database etc.), with the relevant official authorities of the companies, affiliates and legal obligations that ADAMO belongs to.

But; your information is protected by ADAMO in any case, and all the companies where your information is shared will be treated at the same level of importance and confidentiality. Apart from these, your information is not shared with third parties or legal entities in any way or for any other reason.


The member and the visitor may use the Site and / or Mobile Application provided that they comply with the conditions set forth in this Policy.


The Member or visitor agrees that it will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of the Policy from the moment it begins to use the Site and / or the Mobile App, and that these terms shall be binding on it. ADAMO reserves the right to change the terms and conditions specified below in accordance with this Policy, its own discretion and to notify the Member of this Agreement.


  1. Information Security

ADAMO; gives great importance to customer information assurance and provide it internationally. Along with our site and / or Mobile App, it has prevented all kinds of electronic and administrative in secure environments. All information is stored and backed up at home and abroad.


Increase the knowledge of safety measures laws and data security provided with personal e-training. Personnel responsibility for information security is secured in writing. Disciplinary processes are run if compliance with policies and procedures is detected. Infrastructure systems are used to detect data leaks. Combined protocol are in use for communication walls and access control mechanisms. The data is classified and labeled to protect against external and counter-threats. All the changes made in data systems are recorded. Incase the loss of identification records, all the personal data is backed up by back up policy. Storing and protecting information related to information systems.

ADAMO; It takes all measures necessary for all institutions and organizations. ADAMO provides up-to-date information on all employees' start-up and post-employment classes.


The information we receive through our site and / or our Mobile Application is carried with the technology that provides secure information transfer (called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). On the pages where you have transferred your payment information on our site and / or our Mobile Application, you will see a lock or key picture on the far right (depending on the browser you are using) in the address line of your browser and the first letters of the address in this address line from http to https. If you see them, you can be sure that you are on the secure servers of our site and / or our mobile application.


In case of breach of information security, non-conformities shall be determined without delay; all necessary measures are taken to prevent the elimination and repetition.


ADAMO reserves all legal rights to any person or persons responsible for such violations if they face information security breaches.




”Cookies /, which can be defined as small data files stored on your computer during your visit in our site and / or Mobile Application, are used. These files are industry standards used to make your shopping more efficient and secure on our Site and / or Mobile application and are used in all shopping sites and / or mobile applications.

If you do not want to use these files or if you want to be notified when used, you can make the necessary changes to your browser.

Internet pages use cookies called Cookies in multiple locations. Their function is to make our presentation closer, more effective and safer for the user. Cookies are small text files left on your computer that your browser keeps in memory. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses.

ADAMO uses the analysis tools offered by social media such as Google and Facebook.

By adjusting your browser or application or its operating system (iOS, Android, Windows) as necessary, you can prevent this kind of data from being transferred, but this may cause problems with the query, use, or functionality of the content or service provided.


  1. Protection of the Rights and Information of Our Members

You are entitled to receive information about all of your information recorded by ADAMO. If your information is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that the information be corrected or deleted. You may revoke your consent / consent to the use of the information used within the marketing at any time. (eg sending newsletters or sending campaigns to your e-mail address).


If the member wishes to unsubscribe from the e-mail list at any time he / she wishes, click on the link, please click to exit from our e-newsletter list or click e You can easily unsubscribe by e-mail.

Site and / or Mobile Application is a public site and / or mobile application open to everyone. The services provided through the Site and / or Mobile Application are free of charge.



In the use of the Site and / or the Mobile Application, our members must comply with all the terms and conditions of the Policy and the rules set out in the relevant places of the Site and / or Mobile Application.

For visual, textual content, personal use on the Site and / or the Mobile Application. All rights of all articles, graphics, photos, videos, animations and sounds contained in the content of the Site and / or Mobile App are reserved; Unless otherwise specified, they may not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission. It is forbidden to publish or link any elements contained in the Site and / or Mobile Application on any other media or website and / or mobile application without ADAMO's permission and approval.

ADAMO reserves all legal rights within the scope of the principles and related legislation stated in this article.



Providing the products and services of ADAMO, provided that you give your consent under the relevant legislation; marketing; We communicate commercially with our members via electronic communication tools to send messages such as campaigns, promotions, gifts, discounts, information, celebrations and wishes or to introduce ADAMO or to make them through the companies we have contracted on our behalf.


You can reach us with the contact details below:


ADAMO LEATHER INDUSTRY. TIC. Inc. | general center

Gökalp Mah. 73. Sk. No: 5 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul / Turkey

Telephone: +90 533 961 7060 (ADAMO Customer Service is open between 09.30 - 18.00 on weekdays.)


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