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Toffee Fur-Trim Coat

Cashmere, Sable
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Size Guide

Please find the measurements for our ADAMO models below. Use this chart to find the best possible size for you.

Women's International Size Conversions

Please note that ADAMO models are produced according to French (FR) measurement standards.

XS 32 0 4 38
XS 34 2 6 40
S 36 4 8 42
M 38 6 10 44
M 40 8 12 46
L 42 10 14 48
L 44 12 16 50
XL 46 14 18 52
2XL 48 16 20 54

Men's Size Guide

S 48 38
M 50 40
L 52 42
XL 54 44
2XL 56 46
3XL 58 48


Wrap yourself in the luxury of the "Toffee Fur-Trim Coat," exquisitely tailored from 100% cashmere for a feel of unrivaled softness and an opulent wear experience. The timeless toffee shade is reminiscent of a serene autumn landscape, offering both warmth and a sophisticated aesthetic.

This coat features a lavish marten fur collar that sits regally at the neckline, a testament to classic luxury. Marten fur is renowned for its exceptional warmth and stunning, natural color variation, providing not only comfort but also a touch of wild elegance.

Every stitch of this coat speaks to the connoisseur of fine clothing, with its sleek design that gently contours to the body, ensuring a silhouette that is as flattering as it is comfortable. The coat’s seamless front with concealed fastenings enhances its streamlined elegance, allowing the lush textures of cashmere and marten fur to take center stage.

Designed for the discerning individual, the "Toffee Fur-Trim Coat" serves as a hallmark of sophisticated dressing. It promises a blend of timeless style and tactile luxury, perfect for those crisp mornings or cool evenings where fashion and functionality must go hand in hand. Whether it’s the centerpiece of an evening's attire or an exquisite addition to a daytime ensemble, it stands as a statement of refined taste.

Toffee Fur-Trim Coat
Toffee Fur-Trim Coat Sale price$3,780