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The Adamo SS24 Collection

a sorrento summer

Inspired by the sun-drenched cliffs and azure waters of Sorrento, the Adamo SS24 menswear collection embodies the spirit of a Mediterranean summer.

Linen and breathable cotton fabrics dominate, offering lightweight comfort in tailored trousers, relaxed shirts, and breezy shorts. The color palette reflects the landscape, with soft pastels reminiscent of the Sorrento sky and warm earth tones echoing the terracotta rooftops.

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Mahogany Polo ShirtMahogany Polo Shirt
Mahogany Polo Shirt Sale price$600
Crocodile Leather SneakersCrocodile Leather Sneakers
Sold outCrocodile Leather BeltCrocodile Leather Belt
Crocodile Leather Belt Sale price$700
Evergreen Polo ShirtEvergreen Polo Shirt
Evergreen Polo Shirt Sale price$199
Sophisticated Olive Green TrousersSophisticated Olive Green Trousers
Green Crocodile Leather beltGreen Crocodile Leather belt
Natural Striped Linen Blend ShirtNatural Striped Linen Blend Shirt
Savannah TrousersSavannah Trousers
Savannah Trousers Sale price$233
Sojourner ShoesSojourner Shoes
Sojourner Shoes Sale price$299
Green Linen JacketGreen Linen Jacket
Green Linen Jacket Sale price$599
Green Crocodile CapGreen Crocodile Cap
Green Crocodile Cap Sale price$640
Python Leather CardholderPython Leather Cardholder
Dune Breeze ShirtDune Breeze Shirt
Dune Breeze Shirt Sale price$212
Black Crocodile Leather WalletBlack Crocodile Leather Wallet
Mediterranean Breeze ShirtMediterranean Breeze Shirt
Crocodile Leather Cardholder & WalletCrocodile Leather Cardholder & Wallet
Sold outCrocodile Leather WalletCrocodile Leather Wallet

Adamo Linen


Born in sun-kissed fields, the finest flax is transformed through generations of expertise. Hand-harvested and meticulously woven, the fibers become a fabric as breathable as it is enduring.

Washed with natural elements, the linen softens, becoming the ideal foundation for effortless menswear. From field to form, Adamo linen embodies a heritage of craftsmanship and a passion for refined comfort.

The craftmanshıp behınd adamo

Adamo is committed to using only the finest materials, sourced from around the world. From leathers to luxurious textiles, every element is carefully selected to ensure unparalleled quality and comfort.