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Heavenly Hues Rex Fur

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Size Guide

Please find the measurements for our ADAMO models below. Use this chart to find the best possible size for you.

Women's International Size Conversions

Please note that ADAMO models are produced according to French (FR) measurement standards.

XS 32 0 4 38
XS 34 2 6 40
S 36 4 8 42
M 38 6 10 44
M 40 8 12 46
L 42 10 14 48
L 44 12 16 50
XL 46 14 18 52
2XL 48 16 20 54

Men's Size Guide

S 48 38
M 50 40
L 52 42
XL 54 44
2XL 56 46
3XL 58 48

Color:Blue Sky Line

Embrace the epitome of winter luxury with the "Heavenly Hues Rex Fur Coat," a statement piece that combines opulent comfort with ethereal aesthetics. This coat is crafted from the finest Rex rabbit fur, known for its plush softness and subtle sheen, making it a true standout in any sophisticated wardrobe.

Colored in a serene palette of soft sky blues, the coat reflects the tranquil beauty of a winter's dawn. Its sumptuous fur envelops you in a cocoon of warmth, while the lush collar and deep cuffs add a touch of timeless elegance. The coat's silhouette is designed to flow gracefully with your movements, offering both style and ease.

Each detail of the "Heavenly Hues Rex Fur Coat" is carefully considered, from the discreet hook fastenings that ensure a seamless front to the silk-lined interior that glides effortlessly over any ensemble. Whether draped over evening attire or paired with your favorite casual pieces, this coat is a versatile addition to your cold-weather collection.

Not only is the "Heavenly Hues Rex Fur Coat" a symbol of high-end fashion, but it also speaks to a wearer who values the blend of artisan craftsmanship and the ethereal charm of nature's palette. It's more than a garment; it's an experience of unparalleled luxury and enchantment.

Heavenly Hues Rex Fur
Heavenly Hues Rex Fur Sale price$560