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Serene Ivory Cashmere Jacket

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Size Guide

Please find the measurements for our ADAMO models below. Use this chart to find the best possible size for you.

Women's International Size Conversions

Please note that ADAMO models are produced according to French (FR) measurement standards.

XS 32 0 4 38
XS 34 2 6 40
S 36 4 8 42
M 38 6 10 44
M 40 8 12 46
L 42 10 14 48
L 44 12 16 50
XL 46 14 18 52
2XL 48 16 20 54

Men's Size Guide

S 48 38
M 50 40
L 52 42
XL 54 44
2XL 56 46
3XL 58 48


The "Serene Ivory Cashmere Jacket" is a sartorial whisper of elegance, a luxurious garment that envelops you in the unmatched softness of 100% pure cashmere. Designed for the discerning individual, this jacket is a testament to timeless style and comfort.

Each fiber of the serene ivory fabric speaks of a tranquility that only the finest cashmere can provide. The jacket's interior, lined with the gentle caress of rex fur, promises a haven of warmth, making it an indulgent choice for cooler days. The delicate ivory hue of the jacket is reminiscent of a peaceful winter's dawn, lending an air of sophistication and purity to your wardrobe.

The jacket features a sleek, zippered front that seamlessly blends into its design, ensuring functionality without sacrificing the minimalist aesthetic. The ribbed cuffs and waistband add a touch of texture and ensure a snug fit, keeping the elements at bay. With a subtly tailored silhouette, this jacket marries the casual charm of a cardigan with the polished refinement of a structured coat.

Whether draped over a crisp shirt or paired with a casual tee, the "Serene Ivory Cashmere Jacket" is versatile enough for a range of occasions. It's not simply a piece of clothing, but a wearable retreat, offering a serene escape with every touch. This jacket isn't just worn; it's experienced—a true luxury for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Serene Ivory Cashmere Jacket
Serene Ivory Cashmere Jacket Sale price$2,070