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Article: Fur Cleaning & Care

Fur Cleaning & Care

Fur Cleaning & Care

Nothing compares to the luxury and timeless beauty of fur. Nature's elegant answer to winter, a premium fur coat or fur accessory is equally fashionable and functional, offering warmth and durability while remaining exquisitely chic.


When cared for properly, a quality fur garment or accessory can last a lifetime. Follow the simple cleaning and care rules detailed below to enjoy years of lux comfort and style.


Always make sure you have ample room to hang your fur coat or jacket. Never squeeze a fur garment into a cramped closet or store it with cedar or mothballs, as they can alter the smell of the fur permanently.


Hang your fur garment on a broad-shouldered hanger and store in a moderate environment (i.e., not overly humid or dry), making sure to keep the item out of direct sunlight and other bright lighting, which can cause the fur to oxidize and change color. When traveling, protect your fur by carrying it in a breathable garment bag made of cotton or woven fabric. Plastic dry-cleaning bags and PEVA or vinyl bags to not allow air to circulate and can dry out the fur.


During the summer months, we strongly recommend storing your fur garment with a reputable professional furrier who has temperature- and humidity-controlled vaults; it's a foolproof way to protect your fur from dust, dirt, and insect damage.


A good rule of thumb for keeping fur hats, handbags, footwear, and accessories in beautiful condition is to make sure to store them in a cool, dry place away from bright light or direct sun. Never keep these items in plastic containers, which can trap moisture and cause the fur to have a bad odor, and never store them with mothballs, cedar chips, or any chemical products..

Store your fur or fur-lined boots and shoes in their original boxes or in a cool, dry area where they aren't crowded against other footwear.

After you wear your fur hat, headband, or pair of earmuffs, let it dry completely in a non-bright area with good air circulation. Then rest it on a hat form or wig stand in order to retain its shape and cover it with a loose cotton bag or a hat box. This will keep dust from getting on the fur, and will keep the fur from getting crushed.

Hang your fur scarves and collars on hangers, or keep them and other fur accessories, such as gloves and muffs, in uncovered boxes in the closet, making sure to allow them ample room to breathe.

Keep your fur handbags in loose, breathable cotton bags to keep dust from collecting on the fur. Loosely stuff the handbag with acid-free tissue and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

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