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Greenwood Luxe Fox Fur Coat

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Size Guide

Please find the measurements for our ADAMO models below. Use this chart to find the best possible size for you.

Women's International Size Conversions

Please note that ADAMO models are produced according to French (FR) measurement standards.

XS 32 0 4 38
XS 34 2 6 40
S 36 4 8 42
M 38 6 10 44
M 40 8 12 46
L 42 10 14 48
L 44 12 16 50
XL 46 14 18 52
2XL 48 16 20 54

Men's Size Guide

S 48 38
M 50 40
L 52 42
XL 54 44
2XL 56 46
3XL 58 48

Color:Gold Cross

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of the ADAMO brand with the Greenwood Luxe Fur Coat. This luxurious garment is a symphony of opulence and design, a timeless addition to any discerning wardrobe. Each coat is a testament to ADAMO's commitment to quality and style, ensuring that you don't just wear a coat, you make a statement.

Crafted from certified premium fox fur, the Greenwood Luxe Fur Coat offers unparalleled warmth and softness. The fur has been meticulously selected for its density and texture, guaranteeing a product that is not only sustainable but also of the highest grade. The plush fur boasts a rich forest green hue that seamlessly transitions into deep, earthy browns, reminiscent of the endless canopies and the fertile soil of ancient woodlands.

The coat's silhouette is tailored to provide an elegant yet comfortable fit, flattering all figures. It falls to a perfect length that offers generous coverage while maintaining a sense of chic sophistication. The full-length sleeves are designed to keep the chill at bay, and the coat's interior is lined with a silky-smooth fabric that glides over your attire with ease.

Attention to detail is evident in the hidden seam pockets that are seamlessly integrated into the coat’s design, offering a warm refuge for your hands and a discreet storage option. The hidden hook and eye closures provide a seamless look, securing the coat with an understated finesse that allows the lush fur to take center stage.

Whether draped over evening attire for a gala or paired with your favorite jeans for a touch of casual luxury, the Greenwood Luxe Fur Coat is as versatile as it is stunning. It's not just a garment; it's an experience—a celebration of nature's beauty, transformed by ADAMO’s artisanal touch into a piece of wearable art.

Each Greenwood Luxe Fur Coat comes with the assurance of ADAMO's ethical sourcing and craftsmanship. Embrace the luxury of premium fox fur and the confidence of a brand that prides itself on responsible luxury. With the Greenwood Luxe Fur Coat, you are wrapped in more than just a coat; you are enveloped in a legacy of elegance and exclusivity.

  • Wood Green & Brown
  • Fox Fur
  • Hight quality craftsmanship

Greenwood Luxe Fox Fur Coat
Greenwood Luxe Fox Fur Coat Sale price$2,275